If you ask random people if they desire more productivity in their lives, most will give you a resounding “Yes!” Even the most efficient people are often seeking ways to optimize their productivity. Productivity isn’t limited to work life, either. Home life, habits, and relationships could all benefit from increased productivity. Establishing a routine, setting priorities, and customizing are just a few ways to make this happen.


Having a regular routine for your day does wonders for productivity. Your body and brain know what to expect and actually become accustomed to your schedule. A routine also helps to lower stress because you know exactly where and how each thing that needs to be done will fit into your day. If you are trying to add something new to your routine and struggling to stick with it, you might want to try habit stacking. Best-selling author Steve Scott coined the term in his book Habit Stacking: 127 Small Changes to Improve your Health, Wealth, and Happiness, and in an interview with Forbes, he explained it very simply: “You take an existing habit and you start attaching stuff to it.” Essentially you piggyback off of something you routinely do every day and follow that habit with the new activity until it becomes just as natural as the first.


Recognizing what is most and least important is essential to productivity. If every tasks or goal in your life is of equal weight, you won’t get very far. Determine what the leading bullet point on your list is, and create an action plan to make it a reality. Speaking of lists, creating them can help you nail down what to prioritize and has been shown to drastically improve productivity and creativity. Psychology Today offers six compelling reasons to make lists, using words like priorities, achievements, commitment, and action.


Each person is unique, so discovering what works best for you is key. Sometimes all it takes is a change in environment, as Ken Sterling suggests. Removing something negative from your surroundings might be what is necessary to transform complete stagnation at work to your best idea yet.

If you are struggling to be productive, don’t despair. Instead, try establishing a routine based on priorities that will put you in your most productive environment.