We’ve all been there–or have experienced times when it’s difficult to remain positive amid life’s obstacles. Whether you’re dealing with stress at work or problems with your personal life, negative energy has the power to cloud one’s judgement and ability to weather the storm. While the saying remains true–time heals all wounds–muddling through the storm’s density can be overwhelming.


Today, there are many resources, both online and offline, that help individuals become more resilient. As a board member for Project Happiness, I have witnessed first hand the incredible results that individuals achieved by using the organization’s tactics.


For me, the single best way to combat negative energy and to continue living a positive life is to adopt a routine that you practice each day. It’s simple, effective, and can act as the tinder one needs to kickstart their day, week, or even month.


Balloons in the sky


The moment you rise

Think of this moment as the critical point of your day. You’ve just woken up–the day is new, dozens of opportunities await you. By utilizing this moment and anticipating the day ahead, you’ll be able to push aside any negative energy that’s been stored overnight. Take time now to think of a moment in your upcoming day that will bring you joy. This may be a repeated event, and that’s okay!


Think small

Anticipating a positive event during the day does not have to equate to something grand, like a vacation, or party. While some people fill their lives with these events to mask the feeling of emptiness, I find that all you need to do is think of something small. It might be difficult to adopt this mindset from the start, or to begin appreciation the more minor events in life. But, in time, and with practice, these events can feel as meaningful as the larger events do.


Choose the right positive event

Enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony before work. Taking an hour break at work to walk across town in the sunshine. Calling your sister on the phone that evening. A trip to the bookstore for a new read. All of these moments are examples of the smaller, less flashy moments in life that bring us joy. They make excellent positive events because they’re easily repeatable and simple. This means that you won’t have to spend a large amount of money or energy to plan these events. Think of this as a sustainable practice. You can’t go golfing every afternoon, but you can enjoy a cup of tea each evening with your wife.


Make it count

When your positive event arrives that day, think of it as a present. Open it slowly. Enjoy the experience. This can be excellent training in finding joy in everyday events–joy that others may label as insignificant. Don’t let them. This is the true core of self-care training. Finding what you love and carving time to enjoy it.


Offering a handful of flowers