It is often said that where the magic begins is just outside of your comfort zone. At first, however, the awkwardness and lack of comfort and familiarity of leaving said zone may feel like anything but magical. Hold onto that feeling, and keep persevering. It’s critical for growth and self-discovery and will progress you towards a life of greater resilience and colorful experiences. Here are a few ways you can start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable this week.

Shake Off Your Fear of Rejection

Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Chances are, the worst that can happen is you receive a “no”. Lose your fear of this word! Don’t take it as a personal cut to your ego, but as an opportunity to keep learning and growing.

Make Peace With Your Solitude

Are you someone who gets anxious at the mere thought of entering a party alone? What about the thought of dining alone? One of the best ways to improve your confidence and stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone is to stop relying on the presence of others as a social crutch. Make peace with your solitude and try taking yourself out to lunch for a change. Table for one, please!

Be the “Yes” Man

Say yes to new experiences. If a coworker you’re not close with asks to grab a coffee, say yes! You could find a friend. If your partner wants to try a different restaurant or sign up for salsa lessons, give it a go! You could discover your next favorite dish or learn that you’re actually really good at dancing. No matter what happens, it’s a novel memory that allows you to learn something about yourself.

Be the “No” Man

While it’s important to say yes to new experiences, it’s also just as important to say “no” when you really mean it. Are you the kind of person infamous for biting off more than they can chew? If you haven’t got the time or sufficient funds for an outing, don’t be afraid to decline and take a breather for yourself. Likewise, if something isn’t okay with you, don’t be afraid to pipe up and voice your opposition. Get comfortable with the giving and receiving end of the word no.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

It’s okay to laugh at yourself. You should be! Go for a night of karaoke or try your hand performing improv. Lose your expectation of immediate perfection and just let yourself enjoy the goofiness of the moment. You’ll feel liberated!