Every morning we wake up and go through a routine. Often, these routines are a little lackluster. They go something like, wash your face, brush your teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, get out the door. Few of us question the fact that during this time, our minds are waking up and setting the tone for the day. 

What kind of tone is your morning routine setting?

You don’t have to start your day with anything spectacular or too time-consuming to get things started on the right foot. A few small changes can mean you start your morning in a way that sets you up to have a better day.

Don’t Look at Your Phone
It’s true. This list is starting with a controversial idea. Most of us use our phones as our alarms. The very first thing we see in the morning is all the notifications that built up in the night. Experts on habits, like Mel Robbins, suggest that we buy an alarm clock and leave our phones out of the bedroom. While some swear by waiting for a full hour before they check their phones, everyone can wait at least fifteen minutes before seeing the notifications. 

This reprieve gives your mind time to wake up and find calm before the onslaught of demands on your time begins.

Start With a Brief Journaling Session
While many people hesitate to write, a ten-minute session clearing out your thoughts and planning your day is beneficial. Many of the world’s leaders report that they start their day this way. Clear your head of any thoughts, sort out your priorities, and set the mood for going forward. 

If you’ve never done this before, you might imagine something chanting for a solid hour. Realistically for you, this will look like sitting up straight and using a YouTube video or meditation app to guide you through a five to ten-minute meditation. Some people start with only one or two minutes. It’s amazing how spending a few minutes to meditate can clear your head and help you start your day calm and ready to face the challenges ahead. 

Move Your Body
Move your body means activities like going for a walk, stretching, a yoga session, or heading right to the gym for a power session. However you approach it, one of the better ways to start your day is to move your body and wake your muscles up. As you take that stroll around the block, your blood will start moving, and your mind will become more alert and ready for the day.

Consider Your Music Choices
Some people like to listen to intense music first thing, which helps them wake up and get moving. If that works for you, excellent! Others need a serene start to their day and listen to ambient music that keeps them tranquil. Whatever mood it is you want to set, listening to music has been proven to affect your heart rate and set a mood. Create a morning playlist that will work for your goals and start your day with the right songs.