When battling negative thinking, it can be tempting to believe there is little more to life than the endless daily grind of stress and anxiety. While it’s possible to overcome this negative cycle, it isn’t always simple. Looking for a way to end the negative thinking? Try the AWARE mindfulness practice to help retrain the brain.


Take this moment to pause. Instead of letting the mind slip away into negative thinking, sit quietly. Accept these feelings and thoughts, letting them pass. Don’t give into reactions like guilt, anger, or fear. Feel them, then forget them. By accepting and acknowledging the negative emotions, they will become less intense and hold little power over the mind.


Watch how the body responds to certain sensations and situations. To elaborate, it is common to have tightness in the chest or to start clenching one’s teeth during a stressful moment. After identifying these habits, it’s time to release the tension.

After paying attention to the habits of the body, it’s time to watch what the mind does. When one has a constant stream of negativity running through their mind, it works to reinforce these damaging bodily responses.


Negativity is a part of life. Anyone experiencing these emotions shouldn’t let these temporary feelings halt their life. Instead, making a point to act will allow them to function with their emotions.


Humans learn by repetition. By repeating the Accept, Watch, and Act steps, anyone struggling with negativity will be reminded of the AWARE process that will help to refocus their mindset.


Expectations are tricky. When trying to build a positive mindset, it’s important to make expectations for real improvement. While some people may fall prey to negative thinking again when expectations aren’t met, it’s important to exercise patience. Over time, these expectations will be met as new habits are formed.

In addition to these improvements, it’s important to create a plan for responding to emotionally triggering situations. This will help to anticipate setbacks and allow the mind to return to a calm and positive state.

Most of the negative thoughts that people worry about never come true. It’s important to exercise best practices for positivity to ensure one’s mind and body are free of negativity.