Whether you’re a social butterfly or a total introvert, the fact is that you’re likely to interact with at least a few people on a day-to-day basis. Even if those interactions are short, you have the ability to dramatically influence those people’s days. The key is all in how you choose to interact with them, whether you choose to have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. Since no one wants to focus on the negative, here are a few ways that a positive attitude can affect the people around you.

Helps Them Believe in Themselves

One of the most common traits of someone with a positive attitude is that they’re willing to be “impressed.” In other words, they’re not jaded and genuinely care about the ideas and experiences of other people. This interest in and encouragement of other people’s ideas can help them to truly believe in themselves as they realize that their thoughts have value and their ideas are appreciated. This can be especially powerful in a business context, where your employees can be driven to greater creativity and productivity simply by taking the time to be positive toward them.

Cheers Them Up

Of course, one of the best benefits of a positive attitude is that it simply cheers other people up. This is true of both superficial and significant interactions that take place throughout your day. Typically, people choose to react to others negatively, even if the situation they’re in isn’t that bad. Choosing to have an intentionally positive attitude, then, can be like a breath of fresh air for those whom you interact with.

Improves Their Health

A positive attitude can help other people improve their attitude, as well. Over time, a consistently positive attitude can help improve the health of those with that attitude. Positivity helps you worry less, helping to lower your blood pressure and potentially reduce headaches. Plus, by assuming the best in any situation, you’re more likely to see positive solutions to those situations.

Provides Meaning

As mentioned above, a positive attitude toward others can help them believe in themselves. This is crucial to a person’s overall wellbeing as it helps provide meaning for their lives. As a person realizes that their contributions in a workplace environment have merit and value, they adopt this attitude throughout all of life, becoming more confident in hobbies, relationships, and all other areas. This can be powerful for someone who is struggling to find purpose in life as they realize that every bit of what they do matters in spheres beyond themselves