Before I start posting new information and news about the work the organization is doing, I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone up to speed first. This post will have a bunch of links that you can look through to help you get a better idea what is being done at Project Happiness and maybe give you some interesting tips for your own life!


The Mission – Learn about the mission behind the organization.

FAQ’s – See if any questions you have are listed here.

The Film – Learn about the film and host a screening if you are interested in doing so.

Educational Resources – You can find more information and resources on sharing this work with others.

The Science Of Happiness – This covers 7 amazing habits that you can use to bring more happiness into your life.

Happiness Challenge – This is where you can go to get up to date and follow along with the happiness challenge.


This should get you up to speed on the organization and the work that is being done. They have a great site so if you are curious make sure to explore a bit more as well.