Mindfulness has been the big buzzword these days. Everyone is doing something for themselves, putting self care first and taking care of the mind and body. But what if you’re on the go and don’t have a 30-minute break to do some meditating?

Despite the strain staring at a screen for too long can do to your mind, our phones don’t always require being stared at. This is where mobile applications can actually come in for the rescue. The following mobile applications can help professionals on the go with working just a little more mindfulness into their daily routine, fostering better sleep patterns, productivity, and overall energy throughout your day.


  1. Stop, Breathe & Think
    This is a great app for those just beginning to work any form of mindfulness into their day. Stop, Breathe & Think doesn’t just jump into the activities, the app is also concerned with introduction and information on the subject. Once you’ve dipped your toes in, the app opens up 30 free sessions and has a space where it tracks your progress. For anyone who is new to mindfulness, this app is a great place to start.


  1. Headspace
    Headspace is another wonderful option for those who are new to the mindfulness game. Headspace has the option of becoming a subscription for those who are really into it, but a free trial might be all the tools you need. With its whimsical animations and interactive qualities, this app might require a little more staring at a screen sometimes, but could prove to then be especially helpful to those on the run.       


  1. Calm
    This app jumps right into the game upon download. If you’re looking to jump straight into a mindfulness routine, Calm is the place to go. The calming rush of sea breeze and ocean waves begins the moment you open up the app, and the meditation options are excellent. Throw on a pair of headphones, close your eyes for a bit, a Calm might finally give you the time to meditate during your next lunch break.


  1. Aura
    For those looking for a more personal experience, Aura is an excellent option. Each day, this application designs a personalized, 3-minute meditation experience, tailored to your needs on that day. You’ll never see a repeat in your lineup, either, so each day will always have a new experienced provided just for you. Now this might be a little too much for someone just learning about the benefits of deliberately practicing mindfulness on a daily basis, but for those who have a little more experience, Aura might be just what you’re looking for.  


With these options, we hope you’ll find your best path to your best self. All it takes is a moment to rest your brain, recharge, and relax, and you’ll be on your way to a better and brighter you.