Here’s a great page on the Project Happiness website that has some lesson plans for various ages . The ages are broken down into three categories: elementary school (age 5-10), middle school (11-14), and young adults (15 and up).

The elementary plans are a 9 series section that is made to help kids learn and develop skills they can use for life that will influence their happiness and develop their social comfort from an early age. Some of this focus is on learning to manage and understand their emotions, increase empathy, and handle stress efficiently. Within this section you can find wordbooks, surveys, blogs, and other tools.

The middle school section is designed to help aid teachers in their ability to deliver various forms and lessons to kids. Among these are managing emotions and reducing stress, using this to improve their academic performance and focus in and out of the classroom, and enhance their emotional resilience. There is also a lot of great content and lessons on bullying and ways to help them reduce it no matter how it affects them.

For the young adult group there is a lot of focus on enhancing the ability for people to improve their happiness through chosen activities and behaviors as a way to replicate this at any time in their life when needed. There is a lot of focus on purpose and helping these young adults find or discover theirs. Another great benefit of this plan is that is puts in place some fantastic strategies to start building a positive support circle of accountable friends or influencers in your life.

This is all really great and fantastic work that is being done and one of the best parts of this is that they have really narrowed down what to present to kids at what age. This is not something that can be underestimated, as being able to do this accurately is something many educators struggle with. I highly encourage you to check this out.