With so many external factors compromising our moods and abilities, happiness can seem a little further down the tunnel than it has in the past. This doesn’t mean it is impossible to achieve, though! With the following guide, you should find yourself on the happy path to contentment and functionality.

Living in the Moment
As simple as this sounds, it has become increasingly more difficult to do with the increase in technology and virtual reality devices accessible to individuals. With such advanced technology, you can stream a film on your phone from your seat on the train to answering emails on your walk home from work. These are things we often take for granted, which is why we don’t think about the impact these devices have on us so much. By deliberately taking time away from your screen, you’ll be starting on the path to higher levels of happiness.   

Embracing Discomfort
This is definitely the most difficult thing to achieve. The feeling of discomfort is one that people tend to try avoiding, but knowing what your limits are can help determine if you are uncomfortable because you are feeling overworked or if your discomfort sprouts from feeling challenged. Challenges are such a great thing to embrace, as there’s always an opportunity for learning presented in each one. Some of the happiest people can differentiate between the different types of discomfort and understand when they have a negative or positive impact on them.

Staying Busy, not Swamped
As someone who is very engaged in the community, I find myself struggling to achieve this sometimes. It’s far too easy to let work pile up! This goes hand-in-hand with the embracing of discomfort. Work and extracurricular activities can help keep your gears functional and well-oiled, but overwork yourself and you will find yourself running low on energy and patience. Know your limits and push them, but don’t hurt yourself in the process of doing so.   

Forming Strong Relationships
Since we are in fact people functioning in a collective, collaborative society, it is so important that we take the time to work together and connect with one another. A strong bond can get you through the day in ways you might not expect, and will also encourage a reciprocal relationship between you and your colleagues. When you see people give, you will probably want to give back as well.  
It is so important we take the time to interact with our community and look for ways to create and foster an enjoyable lifestyle. With these tools applied, the key to happiness might not be as hidden as you originally thought.