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David TaranDavid Taran is an entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Sunstar Capital, a and life-long advocate for finding balance between your personal and professional ventures. Born in Canada, David established an early passion for helping others.

Through this passion, David went on to obtain his law degree from university of Ottawa (L.L.L), a law degree from Columbia University (J.D.) as well as a Masters in Tax Law from New York University. Following these achievements, David Taran was successfully admitted to the California, New York, Florida, and Quebec state bars. In addition to his work as an attorney, David has also published numerous articles across various platforms on real estate and tax law.


David Taran is also a real estate investor in the state of California and a practicing lawyer for California, New York, Florida, and Quebec. As the co-founder of Sunstar Capital, David brings more than 26 years of experience that includes many different aspects of the investment process including negotiation, acquisition, finances, development, redevelopment, construction, and investment and property management.

David was the founder of Divco West Properties, and also worked as a managing partner at his family’s manufacturing and retailing business. This venture, which operated on a global scale, gave David Taran a perfect place to hone his diverse skill set that he continues to use today. As a partner, he worked on capital investments, strategic and financial planning, sales, real estate acquisitions, real estate negotiation, and currency trading and management.

David also worked as a practicing attorney at Graham & James in Los Angeles. There, he specialized in Tax, Corporate, and Real Estate law. David holds a DEC degree from McGill University, an L.L.L degree from the University of Ottawa, a J.D. degree from Columbia University, and a Masters in Tax Law from New York University.

Throughout the span of his career, David Taran has acquired $2.3 billion in real estate, which includes over 700 acres of land, 1,800 multi-family residential units, 449 hotel rooms, and 13.8 million square feet of buildings. David’s successful record is a testament to his diverse and balanced portfolio. David credits his rich portfolio to his earlier roles in as a managing partner and practicing attorney.

Currently, David is tackling his latest venture, Sunstar Capital. Sunstar Capital is a recently launched commercial real estate company focused on high-growth markets in the Western United States. The venture utilizes the merging of several seasoned professionals. David’s long history working in the industry serves him well as he works to expand the business and his client base.

Positivity & Personal Outlook

David Taran has always believed that there was more to being life than just being successful in business and in a professional sense. Together with his wife, Randy Taran they built and curated Project Happiness, which is a non profit geared and dedicated to empowering individuals with the resources to create a greater happiness within themselves and around the world. Through this mission, Project Happiness offers various resources as well as a strong curriculum to help achieve those goals of ultimate personal happiness. David’s wife Randy, birthed the idea of project happiness from a personal experience in which their son began to show signs of stress and depression during his childhood. That led Randy to actively look for a number of ways to combat these feelings as well as find answers in an attempt to help him. Through vehement research, book reading, and talks with experts, Randy came with the idea not only help her child, but children all over the world.

Though not a direct part of the staff, David sits proudly on the board where he serves as a consultant and avid supporter of Project Happiness. David Taran continuously lends his time and effort to the core cause of Project Happiness helping to promote their ultimate goals on a global level.

In recent years, David has developed a love for the act and art of yoga. He’s completed teacher trainings in Hatha, Kundalini, Buddhi and Universal yoga. David credits the practice, coupled with daily meditation, as the foundation for his continued positive outlook on life. Like so many individuals who find peace and power in these activities, David is an enthusiastic supporter of both yoga and meditation. In order for a person to find peace in the outer world, they must have a deep understanding of the inner workings of their being. To this end, David Taran continues to find new ways to grow within himself and the larger world.

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David Taran

David Taran

Entrepreneur, Life-long Optimist

Watch Randy Taran, founder of Project Happiness speak on the importance of sustainable happiness in this TEDxMission video.

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